Built online presence that resulted into conversions increasing business by 100%

There was no online space owned by Blacktown cabs and it was their first step towards it. Business listings starting Google My Business and then other directories to get them recognised was what we started with.

The listings were optimised to include all relevant and up to date details of the business. The Facebook page was next and that was integrated with their new one page scroll site built for quick access.

Blacktown cabs business conversions

The results were significant, with over 30% business growth within a span of a few months from the online channel of marketing.

Published by Ami

When a healthcare business is ready to take the next step online, I help them take a realistic leap. With a background in Medical Biotechnology and over 5 years of industry experience, I work with the business first hand to derive a plan that works for them and always strive to provide value. I understand the importance of an all-round approach and thus have equipped myself with industry-approved certifications including OMCA, Google Certifications and others the like of SEMRush and HubSpot Academy. A self-proclaimed bibliophile with a keen interest in the art of dance.