OnMark: Online Marketing, executed.

We are an independent online marketing agency based in Sydney. We excel at social, organic and paid marketing. We believe in transparency and visible results. We work directly with the client, without any intermediates and follow an agile approach to deliver measurable results.

We work with clients from different industries including service-based businesses, online retail, brick-and-mortar shops and service providers. We understand the needs of your business and derive a custom data-driven online marketing strategy for business growth.

Our team has certified expertise in SEO, paid search, content strategy, design and branding. Data-driven marketing to drive traffic, increase conversions and gain customer loyalty.


To provide measurable value to our customers with a well-defined methodological approach.

“People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic.”

– Seth Godin


Amrita Shah

When a business is ready to take the next step online, I help them take a realistic leap. With over 5 years of industry experience, I work with a business first hand to derive a plan that works for them and always strive to provide value.

I understand the importance of an all-round approach and thus have equipped myself with industry-approved certifications including OMCA, Google Certifications and others the like of SEMRush and HubSpot Academy.

A self-proclaimed bibliophile with a keen interest in the art of dance.

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OMCA Certified