Why OnMark for Healthcare Marketing?


We understand the needs of healthcare marketing that go beyond traditional digital marketing. The customers, in this case patients and health enthusiasts are drawn towards something very specific. For all healthcare professionals, it is important to know what their clients are looking for and speak in a tone which is individual to their business or practice, and yet one the customers can relate to and feel comfortable with.

We understand the science and logic that supports each message given by your brand. Healthcare marketing cannot be blind promotion of any service or product without a well-established basis. Each message that represents your brand, service, organisation and business must be supported with relevant information and be scientifically correct. Only then can your clients and rely on your Expertise.

We understand the fair and ethical practices. After the reform in 1997, marketing for healthcare started blooming. There are still some standards as to what is considered fair and ethical and what isn’t. We understand the need of checking compliances for each step taken for any marketing campaign and always strive to be in the best knowledge. Marketing is essential even for healthcare, especially in this digital age, but when done right can reflect your brand’s values and reputation.

We have the background of science that helps us understand your proposition better and create relevant and scientifically true content to spread your message. We are science enthusiasts, with degrees in science that make us well capable to know the terminologies you use, the message you wish to convey and the language your customers will understand. In short, we’re in the know (well, mostly…and we try our best).

We are certified marketing specialists that stay up to date with the latest innovations, changing algorithms and evolving face of digital marketing. We are armoured with industry-standard, widely recognised certifications like Google, OMCA and the likes of SEMrush and HubSpot and we keep on expanding our knowledge base.

We love what we do. We are OnMark Agency.